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Every client will have a personalised client portal set up for them. 
Once we have given you Client Portal Access, you will receive an Activation Email. Click on the URL in the email to activate your Client Portal account. Once you have activated your account, you can access your Client Portal any time.
This website will be accessible 24/7 and provides a secure environment for us to share documents and case information.
We often find information and documents can be difficult for clients to find if it is scattered throughout email. The client portal is a “one stop shop” to find, view, download, and print documents we have shared with you and information about your case.
In addition, the client portal allows clients to upload documents to us and to send us comments or questions if that is easier for you rather than an email.  The features of the client portal are intended to save you time and decrease stress by improving communication, efficiency, and convenience.

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