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We believe in the power of collaboration, mastered the art of understanding your reality, and diligently align your desires with opportunities to provide innovative legal support on the road to achieving your goals.

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The Law Office of Charlene A. Charles is a boutique, client-focused law office located in Barbados providing legal services to local, regional and international clients. Our goal is to devise savvy legal solutions which address your immediate needs and your long-term interest through high-quality professional legal services. A personalised approach, based on our congenial and mutually informative relationship, allows us to serve you while retaining our core ethical values.  Our mandate is to understand your goals and be ingenious in our service delivery recognising that service delivery, confidentiality, trust, and integrity are fundamental to being a trusted legal services provider. We are aware that growing and evolving businesses require diverse and sophisticated legal services; as such we are dedicated to providing our clients with innovative, pragmatic, and forward thinking solutions to fulfill their goals. At the Law Office of Charlene A. Charles, our clients' best interests come first.

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I have known Charlene for many years and I can say, without a doubt, that she is an excellent lawyer with fantastic intuition and a genuine desire to promote the well being of her clients. In my opinion this is exactly what you should look for in a lawyer, someone with not just a degree, but rather an individual who has excellent legal skills and is able to apply them in a practical and passionate manner.

I. Elias, Barbados

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